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Four Magnetic Separators for Gravity Fed Processing Applications

For Immediate Release: Posted On 1/27/2016 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Four Magnetic Separators for Gravity Fed Processing Applications

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. now offers customers with gravity flow processing systems four distinct magnetic separation solutions to improve product purity and protect downstream equipment from damage.

According to IMI’s Chief Business Development Officer, Dennis O’Leary, choosing the right magnetic separator for an application requires taking into account many different factors about the product being processed, as well as the processing conditions.

He states, “It’s critical to thoroughly understand a customer’s application parameters. For example, does their product have a high moisture content or particle size, as found in flours, cake mixes or corn starches? Is the product abrasive or corrosive, or does it tend to bridge or gall? Is there a high ambient temperature or humidity level? All of these factors influence the application and require different methods of handling in order to achieve excellent metal separation results.”

To address these challenges, IMI’s line of gravity feed magnetic separators includes the magnetic Drawer-in-Housing, the Large Tube Housing®, the OX® and the RotoDrawer™. Each is designed with features such as multiple rows of magnetic tubes, enlarged tubes, Nedox coatings for abrasion resistance, or rotating tubes for difficult flowing product.

Magnetic Separators for Gravity Fed Processing Systems

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