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Our Drawer-In-Housing magnetic separators, also known as Drawer Magnets or Grate In Housings, consist of rows of round magnetic tubes that are assembled into drawers. The magnetic tubes of each row are aligned on alternating centers from the row directly above or below it. As product flows into the top of the housing, it is forced to cascade in a zig-zag pattern from row to row over the magnetic tubes. This ensures maximum tramp metal capture since the product comes in direct and repeated contact with a magnet as it travels through the housing.

As ferrous metal contaminants pass through the magnetic field, they are held to the tubes and separated from the product. The metal must now be cleaned from the tubes on a regular basis to prevent buildup and subsequent wash-off back into the product flow.

Drawer-In-Housing Cleaning Options

Self-Cleaning Housing

Self-Cleaning Magnetic Drawer-In-Housing Magnets are ideal for hard to reach locations, removal of fine tramp metal, or an automated processing plant. A toggle switch allows the operator to actuate the cleaning action from a remote location. In seconds, the air-actuated stripper device discharges collected tramp metal outside the housing. Standard sizes range from 6"x6" to 24"x24" inlets and outlets in even increments. Custom sizes are available upon request, as well as transitions to match existing equipment.

Continuous-Cleaning Housing

Continuous-Clean Drawer-In-Housing Magnets are ideal for remote magnet installation locations, applications requiring frequent cleaning and fully automated processing systems. The cleaning process is continuous and does not require the product flow to be stopped. The cleaning cycle is completed in a matter of seconds. The air-actuated stripper seal assembly discharges collected tramp metal into a leak-proof enclosure with a discharge chute that ensures clean operation and isolation of possible hazardous materials.

EZ-Clean Housing

The EZ-Clean Drawer-In-Housing Magnets are designed to simplify the cleaning process for quick removal of collected tramp metal.

To initiate cleaning, the operator pulls two handles on the front of the housing which removes the magnetic drawer from the product flow. As the drawer is pulled out, each magnetic tube passes through a seal which wipes the accumulated metal from the tubes. A catch pan is located under the tubes on the front of the housing to collect the metal for proper disposal.

SimpleClean™ Manual Housing

SimpleClean™ Drawer-In-Housing Magnets are ideal for applications with low levels of tramp metal contamination. The housing consists of two or more magnetic row(s) of extended tubes that contain a non-magnetic area that is located in the back of the housing and outside of the product stream. To clean a row of magnetic tubes, open the hinged door; remove one row of tubes at a time. Over a container, simply wipe collected metal on the tubes until it reaches the nonmagnetic area located at the end of the tubes. Collected metal falls off.

Magnetic Tube Configuration Options

Drawer-In-Housings come standard with our 52 Grade Rare Earth Opti-B™ balanced circuit.

  • Opti-B™ Balanced Rare Earth circuit ideal for abrasive applications, featuring a high-performance blend of 9,500 gauss and 16.7 pounds of pull strength on a 1/2” ball
  • Opti-G™ Rare Earth Circuit which optimizes magnetic field at 12,000 gauss
  • Opti-H™ HACCP International Food Safety Programme Certification-approved Rare Earth circuit averaging over 11,000 gauss and 106 oz. of pull strength on a 1/4” ball
  • Opti-L™ Large Tube (3” ∅) Rare Earth Circuit for products prone to have flowability, bridging tendencies; Over 12,000 Gauss
  • Opti-P™ Rare Earth Circuit which boasts 119 oz. of pull strength on a 1/4" ball
  • Opti-T™ High Temperature Rare Earth Circuit with high durability and heat tolerance up to 356°F
  • Opti-V™ Durable Tube with a Ceramic Circuit for larger tramp metal removal applications
Magnetic Grate Tubes Designs, Applications and Specifications
Configuration Application Magnet 1/4" Ball Pull Values 1/2" Ball Pull Values Gauss Durability
Opti-B Balanced UHI-52™ Rare Earth 95.8 oz. (5.99 lbs.) 267.2 oz. (16.7 lbs.) 9475 Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Opti-G High Gauss UHI-55™ Rare Earth 108.3 oz. (6.77 lbs.) 265.6 oz. (16.6 lbs.) 12000 Gold StarGold StarGold Star
Opti-H HACCP UHI-55™ Rare Earth 106 oz. (6.63 lbs.) 260.8 oz. (16.3 lbs.) 11175 Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Opti-L Large Tube UHI-52™ Rare Earth 106.8 oz. (6.68 lbs.) 448 oz. (28 lbs.) 12385 Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Opti-P High Pull UHI-55™ Rare Earth 119.1 oz. (7.44 lbs.) 316.8 oz. (19.8 lbs.) 10539 Gold StarGold StarGold Star
Opti-T High Temperature Hi-Temp Rare Earth 60.5 oz (3.78 lbs) 188.3 oz (11.78 lbs) 7240 Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Opti-V Value Ceramic 0.5 oz. (0.03 lbs.) 24 oz. (1.5 lbs.) 2320 Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star

NOTE: NOTE: All Opti™ Series options are available across Industrial Magnetics' entire lineup of Tramp Metal separation equipment. *The variability of test results is +/- 10%

Third Party Certifications

HACCP International

HACCP International Logo

Our Sanitary Grade Drawer-In-Housing Magnets, with the Opti-H™ HACCP magnetic circuit, are certified by HAACP International and fully conform to HACCP International's Food Safety Standard (0909MAGSEP 1-2010) for direct contact with food product.


USDA AMS Accepted Equipment Logo

Our Sanitary Grade Drawer-In-Housing Magnets are USDA AMS accepted Dairy, Meat and Poultry magnetic separator processing equipment.

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Drawer-In-Housing Magnetic Separators
Part No.Inlet/Outlet (in)Finish Grade / TypeMagnet MaterialCleaning Style
IMH0808C2 8 x 8 Customary Grade Ceramic Manual Clean
IMH0808R2EZFG 8 x 8 Food Grade Rare Earth EZ Clean
IMH1010R2EZFG 10 x 10 Food Grade Rare Earth EZ Clean
IMH1212R2 12 x 12 Customary Grade Rare Earth Manual Clean
IMH1212R2EZFG 12 x 12 Food Grade Rare Earth EZ Clean
Note: Many additional sizes, models and features available. Please contact our factory for a complete list.

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