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Transporter® LP

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Transporter® LP
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The Low Profile Transporter® LP magnetically transfers metal blanks, stampings and parts in automated station to station, press-to-press transfer and robotic pick and place systems. Typical applications include stamped parts, tailor welded blanks, body panels and refrigerator door panels.

The Transporter® LP is designed to directly replace vacuum cups with minor tooling and valve adjustments. Powerful Rare Earth magnets positively hold the parts during transfer, greatly reducing the chance of slipping and shifting of your part due to oily coatings. An optional "low-skid" boot is also available to increase grip on parts during transfer. A short burst of shop air pressure is applied in order to release parts. To pick-up or grip parts, the air pressure must be exhausted to the atmosphere.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uses up to 95% less air than vacuum cups
  • Grasps odd shaped or perforated parts
  • Operates effectively in any orientation
  • Outlasts most vacuum cups
  • Positively holds parts - no dropping or shifting
  • Threads onto typical 3/8 NPT vacuum cup tooling
  • Operates on 25 to 60 psi shop air
  • Durable design for long maintenance free operation

Transporter LP Options

De-stacking (Option DS): The de-stacking option is required for applications de-stacking metal that is thinner than .0478" (18 ga) with the TPLP30 model. The de-stack option features a special magnetic circuit that is designed to de-stack sheets as thin as .030" (22ga). The optional low-skid boot is required for certain applications.

Double Acting (Option DA): Features O-Ring seals & extra air inlet that allow a short blast of air to engage or disengage the grip function. The double acting option is only available on the TPL30 & TPLP50 magnets. Operates at a low pressure of 20 psi (30 psi maximum), allows use of 1/4" Lines & can run up to 16 magnets from 1 valve

3/8 BSPP Fitting (Option BS): 3/8 British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread, available on TPLP30 models only.

Transporter LP Accessories

We offer a large selection of TPLP accessory to handle your installation, operation and maintenance requirements such as various mounting options, manifolds and magnet face covers.

Tooling Boom and Other Mounts

Our standard mounting options include Bulk Head Spring Mounts, Proximity Switch Mounts, Swivel Mounts and Spring Compensator Mounts.

The Bulk Head Spring Mount is ideal for installation on end user specified mounting plates. The Proximity switch mount is designed for the TPLP15 and TPLP30 and accepts a 12mm proximity switch.

The Swivel Mount or Spring Compensator can be added to new or existing Transporter TPLP30's for best part compliance. These lightweight, anodized, aluminum constructed mounts fit most TPLP30 magnets to accommodate material variances and uneven surfaces. Low center of rotation allows magnet to stay on target. Our newly styled upper housing was redesigned with a groove to accommodate these mounts. If your TPLP30 does not contain a mounting groove, a replacement upper housing can be purchased.

Low Skid Boots and Pads

Low Skid Boots and Pads protect against marring of class "A" blanks while extending the life of the magnet by protecting the face from wear. In many applications the boots and pads also assist in keeping parts from shifting under shear in transport. The boots cover the edge of the cup for complete blank protection while the pads cover the face of the cup for increased wear protection to extend the life of the magnet.

Case Studies

Literature Download: Transporter® LP

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Low Profile Transporter® Magnets
ShippingPart NumberSize (in.)Description
QuickShip Program TPLP15 1.5 Magnet, Standard
QuickShip Program TPLP15NR 1.5 Magnet, Non-rotating
QuickShip Program TPLP30 3.0 Magnet, Standard
QuickShip Program TPLP30BS 3.0 Magnet, Standard, BSPP Fitting
QuickShip Program TPLP30ES 3.0 Magnet, Extra Strong
Standard Shipping TPLP30ESBS 3.0 Magnet, Extra Srong, BSPP Fitting
Standard Shipping TPLP30ESNR 3.0 Magnet, Extra Strong, Non-rotating
Standard Shipping TPLP30ESNRBS 3.0 Magnet, Extra Strong, Non-rotating, BSPP Fitting
QuickShip Program TPLP30NR 3.0 Magnet, Non-rotating
Standard Shipping TPLP30NRBS 3.0 Magnet, Non-rotating, BSPP Fitting
QuickShip Program TPLP30DS 3.0 Magnet, Destacker
Standard Shipping TPLP30DSBS 3.0 Magnet, Destacker, BSPP Fitting
Standard Shipping TPLP30DSNR 3.0 Magnet, Destacker, Non-rotating
Standard Shipping TPLP30DSNRBS 3.0 Magnet, Destacker, Non-rotating, BSPP Fitting
QuickShip Program TPLP30DA 3.0 Magnet, Double Acting
Standard Shipping TPLP30DABS 3.0 Magnet, Double Acting, BSPP Fitting
QuickShip Program TPLP50 5.0 Magnet, Standard
Standard Shipping TPLP50DS 5.0 Magnet, Destacker
Standard Shipping TPLP50DA 5.0 Magnet, Double Acting
Low Profile Transporter® Magnet Mounts and Tooling Accessories
ShippingPart No.Description
Standard Shipping MC0369 Machined Aluminum 12mm Proximity Switch Mount for 1.5" TPLP15 Magnets
Standard Shipping MC0334 Machined Aluminum 12mm Proximity Switch Mount for 3.0" TPLP30 Magnets
Standard Shipping 601695 Proximity Switch, 12mm, 2-wire, DC sink/source. Bleed resistor may be required, Consult PLC manufacturer's literature for details.
QuickShip Program BHSM750 Lightweight aluminum Bulk Head Spring Mount with 1/4" NPT Female Inlet & 3/8 NPT Male Outlet. Requires a 1-1/4" through hole or a 1-1/8"-12 tapped hole for mounting
Standard Shipping 450391 Anodized aluminum Manifold for Transporter® Installation. 1/2" FPT inlets on each end. Four 3/8 NPT outlets. Mounting holes on four sides. Ideal air flow to operate TPLP Magnets.
QuickShip Program SMNPT30 3/8" NPT Mounted, low profile, swivel fixture for TPLP30 Magnets ideal for existing tooling. Anodized aluminum. Magnet swivels +/- 3° in all directions. Not compatible with BS, NR and DA TPLP30 models. Air line and fitting included.
QuickShip Program SMFLG30 Flange Mounted, low profile, swivel fixture for TPLP30 Magnets ideal for new and custom tooling installation. Anodized aluminum. Magnet swivels +/- 3° in all directions. Not compatible with BS, NR and DA TPLP30 models. Four, equally spaced, #10-32 tapped holes on 2.50" diameter bolt circle.
QuickShip Program SCFLG30 Flange Mounted, Spring Compensator fixture for TPLP30 Magnets. Crash compliance springs to prevent damage to tooling. Load compliance springs to minimize the effects of shock loading and bounce. Allows magnet to swivel +/- 8° in all directions. Four, equally spaced, #10-32 tapped holes on 2.50" diameter bolt circle.
Low Profile Transporter® Magnet Skid Boots and Pads
ShippingPart No.SizeDescription
QuickShip Program BB15 1.5 Black Urethane Boot for 1.5" dia. Transporter®
QuickShip Program P15 1.5 Urethane Adhesive Pad for 1.5" dia. Transporter®
Standard Shipping UHMW15 1.5 UHMW Adhesive Pad for 1.5" dia. Transporter®
QuickShip Program BB30 3.0 Black Urethane Boot for 3" dia. Transporter®
QuickShip Program P30 3.0 Urethane Adhesive Pad for 3" dia. Transporter®
Standard Shipping UHMW30 3.0 UHMW Adhesive Pad for 3" dia. Transporter®
QuickShip Program BB50 5.0 Black Urethane Boot for 5" dia. Transporter®
QuickShip Program P50 5.0 Urethane Adhesive Pad for 5" dia. Transporter®
Standard Shipping UHMW50 5.0 UHMW Adhesive Pad for 5 " dia. Transporter®

Drawings and Models

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