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Transporter Switch

Transporter Switch
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Transporter® Switch Series (TPS) Magnets are ideal for use where vacuum cups and grippers are typically used for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts and complete assemblies in automated press-to-press transfer or robotic "pick and place" applications. They are perfect for clean room environments, as there is NO dirty air exhausted to the atmosphere.

Powerful Rare Earth magnets positively hold the parts during transfer, greatly reducing the chance of slipping and shifting of your part due to oily coatings. A 5/3 directional control valve controls the "grip/release" function of the magnet. Easy to retrofit on existing tooling, the TPS Magnetic Transporters offer instantaneous pick-up and release - increasing production speeds and operating effectively in any orientation.

To protect the surface finishes of parts during pickup and transfer, an optional "low-skid" version with a non-marring contact ring is also available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uses less air than vacuum cups
  • Outlasts vacuum cups in most applications
  • Reduces noise
  • Grasps odd shaped or perforated parts
  • Will not drop parts if system air-loss occurs
  • Maximum operating temperature 140°F (60°C)
  • Destacks without double-blanking when the appropriate magnet is selected for the application
  • Double Acting

Optional Equipment:

  • V-brackets to keep rounds or 90° shapes centered on the magnet. Made of UHMW to provide non-marring contact.
  • Apple core mount
  • Ball mount
  • 3/8" NPT mount

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Part No. Description Overall Length (in) Overall Width (in) Overall Height (in) Weight (lbs)
TPS25  Transporter Switch 34.8 Lb. Maximum Hold 1.63 1.77 4.59 1.1
TPS25NM Non-Marring Face, 34.8 Lb. Maximum Hold 1.63 1.77 4.59 1.3
TPS25NMK Non-Marring Conversion Kit for TPS25 0.19 1.63 1.63 0.08
TPS25V Round Items Lifting V-Guide Kit for TPS25 1.40 1.32 0.25 0.03
TPS32 Transporter Switch 60.9 Lb. Maximum Hold 1.87 2.04 4.81 1.7
TPS32NM Non-Marring Face, 60.9Lb. Maximum Hold 1.87 2.04 4.81 1.8
TPS32NMK Non-Marring Conversion Kit for TPS32 0.21 1.87 1.87 0.10
TPS32V Round Items Lifting V-Guide for TPS32 0.50 1.50 1.37 0.03
TPS40 Transporter Switch 122.5Lb. Maximum Hold 2.25 2.39 5.18 2.7
TPS40NM Non-Marring Face, 122.5Lb. Maximum Hold 2.25 2.39 5.18 2.8
TPS40NMK Non-Marring Conversion Kit for TPS40       0.09
TPS40V Round Items Lifting V-Guide for TPS40 0.50 1.88 1.48 0.04
TPSAMNT Apple Core Mount Kit 3.54 2.10 1.69 0.37
TPSBMNT Ball Mount Kit 3.62 2.10 1.69 0.47
TPSNMNT 3/8 NPT Mount Kit 2.21 2.21 0.50 0.32

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