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Hands Free Door Openers

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Hands Free Door Openers
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Help stop the further spread of germs and bacteria!

These hands-free door openers allow users to pull open swing-style doors using their foot, forearm, wrist, or elbow - so users don't have to touch potentially contaminated surfaces or handles with their hands and fingers.

Perfect for public restrooms, office buildings, shop floors - or any high-traffic door. The Foot-Pull allows users to pull open doors with the bottom of their shoe, while the Arm-Pull lets them hook the door with their forearm or elbow to pull it inward. Both models are constructed from heavy-duty stainless-steel as a one piece, laser-cut and precision-formed unit.

For Non-latching, Swing-style Doors:

The Foot Pull and Arm Pull are available with either magnetic mount for metal doors, or direct through-hole mount for non-metal doors. The magnetic mount attaches in seconds and can be repositioned and/or removed if necessary.

For Latching Doors with Lever-Style Handles:

For latching doors with lever-style handles, our Universal J-Hook product can be used to hold the door handle in the open position - converting it into a non-latching style door that can now be used in conjunction with the Foot-Pull or Arm-Pull. The Universal J-Hook(MX2000JH) attaches directly to steel doors. For non-steel doors, use it in combination with our Magnetic-Stainless Disk(MX0870) that you can mount to your door as an attachment base for the J-Hook.

Foot-Pull and Arm-Pull Features:

  • Sturdy, one-piece, Stainless Steel construction
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Powerful magnet mount installs in seconds and can be repositioned
  • Direct mount, two mounting holes, hardware not included
  • USA M.A.D.E™
Literature Download: Hands Free Door Openers

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Foot-Pull for Doors
Shipping Part Number Mounting Style Hold (lbs / kg) Height (in) Width (in) Projection (in) Weight (lbs)
QuickShip Program FP01 Through-Hole 80 / 36.29 5 2-1/2 4 1.50
QuickShip Program FP01M Magnetic 80 / 36.29 5 2-1/2 4 1.50
Arm-Pull for Doors
Shipping Part Number Mounting Style Hold (lbs / kg) Height (in) Width (in) Projection (in) Weight (lbs)
QuickShip Program AP01 Through-Hole 80 / 36.29 5 2-1/2 5-3/8 1.69
QuickShip Program AP01M Magnetic 80 / 36.29 5 2-1/2 5-11/16 2.02
Pair with the Foot-Pull or Arm-Pull for hands-free opening on latch doors
Universal Magnetic J-Hook
Shipping Part No. Mounting Style Maximum Hold - lbs (kg) Diameter (in) Length (in) Projects (in) Open Range (in) Weight (lbs)
Standard Shipping MX2000JH Magnetic 42 (19.05) 2.03 5.00 3.25 2.0 x 2.0 0.25
Magnetic Stainless-Steel Disk
Shipping Part No. Mounting Style Description Diameter (in) Thickness (in) Mounting Hole (in) Weight (lbs)
Standard Shipping MX0870 Through-Hole 400 Series Magnetic Stainless-Steel Mounting Disc 2.50 0.10 0.19 0.14

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