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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Vertical Lift Adapter

Vertical Lift Adapter

Designed For Vertical Lifting of Thick, Non-Flexing Steel.

The Vertical Lift Adapter(VLA), combined with an IMI PowerLift® magnet (sold separately), lifts ferrous metal sheets, plates, rounds and billets from horizontal to vertical orientation or vice versa. The VLA is ideal for loading steel plate into vertical storage racks and for lifting plate steel, rounds or billets to machining centers or cutting tables.

The Vertical Lift Adapter can be used on various flat steel plates or round shapes and allows the operator to lift loads up to 4 feet wide. The Vertical Lift Adapter also has convenient, built-in forklift brackets to move and handle steel in a horizontal orientation.

The Vertical Lift Adapter is currently available for use with the PNL0800 and PNL1600 (sold separately). For additional models, or steel billet lifting applications, please contact our inside sales department at 800.582.0822.


  • Load steel plate into vertical storage racks
  • Lift steel plate from vertical storage racks to horizontal machining centers or cutting tables
  • Lift steel plate, rounds or billets into place for equipment/machinery manufacturing.


  • One lifter for both horizontal and vertical sheet or part handling
  • Reduce employee injury - Eliminate improper use of slings or chains to lift sheet metal or steel parts vertically
  • Increase production time
  • No electricity required

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Vertical Lift Adapter
Part No.Associated MagnetLn. (in)Wd. (in)Wd. w/ MagnetHt. (in)Maximum Sheet SizeWeight (lbs)
VLA0800 PNL0800 51-1/2 8 8 10 8 x 4 36
VLA1600 PNL1600 52-3/8 10 10-3/4 12-3/8 10 x 4 68
Part Numbers VLA0800 and VLA1600 do not include magnets. Lift magnets will need to be purchased separately.

Note: Never stand under load being lifted. Always use extra caution. Only use magnetic lifts on material that does not flex or bend. The surface of the lift, and the load being lifted, need to be clean and free of chips, oil, slag, dirt, etc. Lifting magnets must be centered on load. Not recommended for painted or finish coated surfaces.

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