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New Round Drawer Magnet for Space-Constrained Applications

For Immediate Release: Posted On 8/27/2019 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

New Round Drawer Magnet for Space-Constrained Applications

IMI recently announced the addition of a round-shaped Drawer-in-Housing for the separation of ferrous metal contaminants in dry, free-flowing, powder and granular processing applications.

The round Drawer-In-Housing series is ideal for retrofit situations in gravity-fed systems where vertical space is limited. It eliminates the need for the “round-to-square” transitions that would be necessary on the inlet and outlet of square-drawer models, thereby reducing the overall vertical space needed for installation.

The product features two rows of magnetic tubes with 52 Grade Rare Earth, Opti-B™ balanced circuits - a high-performance blend of 9,500 gauss and 16.7 lbs. of pull strength on a 1/2” ball.

The two rows of tubes are aligned on alternating centers, forcing the product to flow in a zigzag pattern over the magnetic tubes. This cascade effect ensures maximum tramp metal separation, as the product has repeated contact with the magnetic tubes. For applications with height constraints, a low-profile model containing one row of magnetic tubes is also available.

Other features include an all-welded, food-grade, stainless-steel housing and a silicone gasket with T-handle clamps for positive sealing. Sidewall diverters increase product contact with magnetic surfaces, and a drawer guard prevents product from shelving.

The Round Housing is offered in standard inlet/outlet sizes of 4", 5”, 6" and 8" diameter and available options include: inlet and/or outlet flanges, tubes located on 3” centers for difficult flowing products, wear-resistant coating for abrasive products, and sanitary construction to meet USDA, HACCP or other regulatory requirements.

For additional product information, please visit the Magnetic Drawer-in-Housing page, or call 888.582.0821.

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