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New Large Tube Magnetic Circuit Design Offers 28lbs. Holding Value

For Immediate Release: Posted On 7/26/2019 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

New Large Tube Magnetic Circuit Design Offers 28lbs. Holding Value

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.’s Large Tube Housing(LTH™) and Large Tube Grate magnets capture metal contaminants in challenging, gravity-fed processing applications where sticking, galling and product bridging is prevalent, such as with spices, powders, flour, starches, or pet food.

The company recently announced a new and improved 52MgOe magnetic circuit for these products which achieves 28 lbs. of nominal pull value on a 1/2” ball - the highest value of any 3” circuit available on the market. Combined with a boosted gauss averaging 12,385, the design improvements offer the strongest and most effective solution to capture ferrous pieces, as well as smaller fines and weakly magnetic contaminants from a product flow.

The LTH offers increased product purity for a variety of gravity flow applications and unrivaled collection of contaminated metal versus traditional plate-to-plate magnet or "deep-reach style” purification. It is available in EZ Clean and Self-Cleaning configurations.

The EZ Clean model requires an operator to manually unlatch and pull the drawer of tubes through wiper seals in order to strip collected metal from the magnets. The Self-Cleaning model is solenoid-activated and can be controlled from a remote location.

The LTH also features lock-out holes on the front drawer and rear access panel. When equipped with a simple lock, this helps prevent tampering and provides an added level of operator safety.

For additional product information, visit the Large Tube Housing product page or speak with a product specialist at 888.582.0821.

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