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Ceramic magnet material is a nonmetallic compound of iron oxide, strontium ferrite and small quantities of other metal oxides. The compound is calcined wet ball milled to a fine particle size, binders are added, then the mix is compacted in a press. The compacted shapes are fired at high temperatures in kilns to a closely controlled temperature cycle. Upon cooling, the parts are diamond sawed and diamond wheel ground to specifications.

Low cost, light weight and fairly high energy, Ceramic is a hard, brittle, nonconductive material. It is difficult to grind and cannot be E.M.D.d, machined or drilled by normal methods. Ceramic is dense black or blue-black in color. It has a thin cross section, is mostly available in slabs or rings and is usually oriented magnetically through its thickness. Ceramic magnet material performs best when temperatures do not exceed 350OF.

Raw magnet material is available in many different types, shapes, sizes and strengths. When selecting magnetic material to perform a given task, certain specifications need to be considered: dimensions, direction of the materials, magnetic orientation, tolerances, finish, strength, and the type of raw magnetic material desired, such as Rare Earth magnets, Ceramic magnets or even Flexible magnetic rubber. Mag-Mate raw magnet material meets Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) standards for physical quality and magnetic properties.

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Ceramic Block Material
ShippingPart No.Ln (in)Wd (in)Thick (in)Weight (lbs)MgOe
QuickShip Program 5C458 1-7/8 7/8 0.375 0.11 8
QuickShip Program 187X4X4C5 4 4 0.187 4 5
QuickShip Program 250X4X6C5 6 4 0.250 4 5
QuickShip Program 312X4X4C5 4 4 0.312 4 5
QuickShip Program 375X4X4C5 4 4 0.375 4 5
QuickShip Program 500X4X6C8 6 4 0.500 4 8
QuickShip Program 750X4X6C5 6 4 0.750 4 5
QuickShip Program 1X4X6C8 6 4 1.000 4 8
Ceramic Disc Material
ShippingPart No.Dia. (in)Thick (in)Weight (lbs)MgOe
QuickShip Program 7/8DIAX1C5 0.875" 1" 0.11 5
Ceramic Ring Material
ShippingPart No.O.D. (in)I.D. (in)Thick (in)Weight (lbs)MgOe
QuickShip Program F1409 0.750 0.271 0.250 0.022 1
QuickShip Program F1407 1.230 0.885 0.431 0.044 1
QuickShip Program F1406 1.623 0.750 0.187 0.040 1
QuickShip Program F1405 1.723 0.705 0.250 0.082 1
QuickShip Program 710006 2.800 1.203 0.590 0.466 5
QuickShip Program 431005 2.875 0.875 0.250 0.600 5
QuickShip Program 455005 5.250 2.312 0.750 2.408 5

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