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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Magnetic Welding Grounds

Magnetic Welding Grounds
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IMI's Welding Grounds are available in either Standard (always on) or On/Off configurations.


These powerful magnetic welding grounds have strong gripping power and magnetically attach to your ferrous metal work surface. Simply secure ground cable over the stud to assure excellent electrical ground. Spring loaded stud keeps constant ground contact.

  • Release handle for fast release
  • Holding value of 35 lbs.
  • Available in brass or copper


On/Off Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Grounds let welders set up, weld and quickly move on to the next project. Simply place it on a work surface, turn it on and start welding. Makes welding quicker and easier than ever before. Will work on flat or pipe.

The WSM0150RG is dual-purpose as a weld angle and ground. It features 5 common angles: 45, 75, 90 105 & 135 degrees.


Dual-purpose workpiece clamp and welding ground features a "No-twist" clamp that secures workpiece without twisting or "walk-off-center"

  • Copper plated to prevent weld splatter from sticking
  • Welding clamp jaws are beveled to hold both flat or round surfaces
  • Deep throat jaw allows for deep clamping of material
  • USA M.A.D.E.™
Literature Download: Magnetic Welding Grounds

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Standard Welding Grounds
Part No. Holding Value (lbs) Amps Stud Diameter (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
WG250 35 250 Brass 3.50 2.25 1.50
WG800 35 800 Copper 3.50 2.25 1.50
On/Off Magnetic Welding Grounds
Part No. Holding Value (lbs) AmpsDescription Height (in) Width (in) Length (in) Weight (lbs)
WG200R 150 200 On/Off welding ground 2.75 1.8125 2.875 0.90
WG300R 150 300 On/Off welding ground 2.75 1.9375 2.875 0.95
WSM0150RG 150 300 On/Off multi-angle weld square and ground 3.75 1.9375 4.00 1.60
WG800R 450 800 On/Off welding ground 4.625 3.00 5.00 4.90
Welding Ground Clamps - Non-Magnetic
Part No. Amps Jaw Depth (in)Length (in)Width (in)Thickness (in) Weight (lbs)
K045TGD 400 4.50 9.00 4.50 1.125 1.90

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