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If your product design requires a padeye, a great deal of time and expense can be incurred in the process of engineering, fabricating, machining and certifying lifting padeyes in-house. Speed up your production, testing, and approval process and expedite the delivery of your finished product to market with IMI's pre-engineered, certified and ready-to-weld lifting lugs.

Composed of A36 carbon steel and available in 6 standard sizes, these padeyes are rated for 1/2 ton up to 6-1/2 tons and come with a reamed hole to fit a shackle pin/bolt(sold separately) at +/- .001".

The padeyes feature a date code and a guided weld line, as well as listing both the requirements for the weld specification/type and the welder's qualifications.

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Padeyes - Lifting Lugs
Carbon Steel Part No. Shackle Size (in) Working Load Limit (ton) Bolt hole (in) Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Minimum Weld
PE0050 1/4 1/2 3/8 7/16 2-1/8 1-3/8 0.20 0.188 in
PE0100 3/8 1 15/32 9/16 2-7/16 1-5/8 0.40 1/4 in
PE0150 7/16 1-1/2 17/32 5/8 2-3/4 1-9/16 0.40 3/16 PJP with 1/4 in Fillet
PE0200 1/2 2 43/64 11/16 3-1/4 2-1/8 0.80 1/4 PJP with 1/4 in Fillet
PE0475 3/4 4-3/4 15/16 1-1/8 4-7/16 2-5/8 2.20 5/16 PJP with 5/16 in Fillet
PE0650 7/8 6-1/2 1-1/16 1-5/16 5-3/16 2-15/16 3.05 7/16 PJP with 7/16 in Fillet

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