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Drawer-In-Housing Retrofit Kit

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Take away the hassle and save time by automating the cleaning of your drawer-in-housing. Our new EZ to Self-Clean conversion kit bolts onto your existing unit, transforming the magnet into an actuated cleaning housing.

Ideal upgrade to remote magnet installation locations - applications requiring frequent cleaning and fully automated processing systems. The cleaning process is solenoid activated and can be controlled from a remote location with the flip of a switch. The cleaning cycle is completed in a matter of seconds. The air-actuated stripper seal assembly discharges collected tramp metal into a catch pan as the drawer opens.

Fits 1 or 2 row drawer-in-housing units ranging in size from 6 to 24 inches. Includes: Air cylinders, regulator, solenoid valve, metal guarding, tool-free removable catch pan.


  • Metal guards with lockouts and tool-free removal
  • Air Cylinder regulator, pneumatic solenoid valve
  • All cylinders include magnetic pistons
  • Drawer and/or Guard Lock-Out
  • Collection pan for metal
  • Stainless Steel guards
  • Tool Free Guard Removal
  • 80-100 psi minimum to operate


  • Custom sizes, funneled catch pans available
  • Sealed Cleaning Zones
  • Finish and welding treatments available for food and sanitary grade applications
  • Other Stainless Steel Grades available
  • Custom housing designs for magnet in hopper or angled chute installations
  • Individual cleaning drawers (adds to height)
    Nema 9 solenoids

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