Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Research and Development Services

Have a challenging application?

IMI’s magnetic research and development facility allows simulated application testing for your prospective holding, lifting, automation, conveying or magnetic separation project.

Our 1,400 sq. ft. onsite lab features hundreds of magnets, test stands, conveying systems, cranes, weigh scales, gauss meters and a PPM analyzer - all designed to replicate your application and assist in choosing the right magnetic product for the job.

Most testing can be wrapped up in 7-10 business days. Upon completion, we’ll present you with quantifiable result documentation and product recommendations. We can videotape and photograph the results and send them to you for your review.

Ready to schedule? Many tests are free of charge, but some more involved procedures may have a fee. Please fill out our contact form, or give our R&D Lab Coordinator, a call at 800.662.4638 for detailed information.

Whether you’re looking to improve product purity, protect your processing equipment from damage or increase your production rates, IMI Magnets can make your process better.

We look forward to recommending the right solution for your application!