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New "Custom Solutions Profile" for Processing Sticky Products

For Immediate Release: Posted On 10/12/2011 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

New "Custom Solutions Profile" for Processing Sticky ProductsIMI has published a new “Custom Solutions Profile” case study on their website documenting how they solved several problems a sugar refinery customer was having with effective operation and cleaning of their existing magnetic separator.

Due to high humidity in the operating environment and the adhesive nature of sugar, the customer’s existing magnets were incapable of providing adequate ferrous metal capture for product purity and protection of downstream processing equipment. The magnetic tubes, which were supposed to capture contaminants, were instead coated in sugar. This caused not only a weak metal capture rate, but also cleaning seal deterioration on the unit.

The case study shows how IMI’s solution, the Ox®, was designed to provide a nearly 40% stronger magnetic circuit than the existing unit, while combating application challenges such as ambient temperature and humidity, bridging, abrasion, corrosion and galling.

Included in the Custom Solutions Profile is an overview of the application detailing the main problems, the magnetic solution designed by Industrial Magnetics, Inc. and various images of the product.

A link to the Magnetic Custom Solution Profile TG-CSP- 009 can be found on their website’s Media Center under "Tramp Metal Custom Solution Profiles".(registration required).

About IMI: For 50 years, Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has provided innovative permanent magnetic and electromagnetic devices to meet customer’s specific requirements in their magnetic separation and product purification applications.

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