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Magnetic Separation for Highly Abrasive Products

For Immediate Release: Posted On 10/10/2011 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Magnetic Separation for Highly Abrasive Products

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has developed a magnetic separation solution specifically designed for use with highly abrasive products in pneumatic transfer applications to eliminate costly wear and tear on the magnets.

The magnetic housing consists of two, door-mounted magnetic plates positioned on opposing sides of a stainless steel tube matching the existing diameter of the processing line. By keeping the magnets on the outside edge of the product stream, versus center- stream, the existing flow rate can be maintained, thereby eliminating wear points within the magnetic housing. The powerful, dual-magnet design is capable of reaching through the entire product stream and capturing metal contaminants from a fast moving flow.

The dual-door design is also advantageous for cleaning the magnet of collected tramp metal, which is vital to maintaining maximum effectiveness of the magnetic separator. Both doors fully open outside of the product flow giving complete access to the magnet face and preventing accidental discharge of metal contaminants back into the processing line.

Additional information on the Dual-Door EP Tube Magnetic Separator can be downloaded from the Media page of our website. See CSP-008.pdf under "Tramp Metal Custom Solution Profiles"(registration required), or speak with a magnetic product specialist at 888.582.0821.

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