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New, Pivoting Welding Square Ranges from 22° to 270°

For Immediate Release: Posted On 9/30/2011 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

New, Pivoting Welding Square Ranges from 22° to 270°Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is offering a new, pivoting magnetic welding tool that gives welders the ability to quickly and easily set up and hold steel in angles ranging from 22° to 270° with an adjustable, locking handle and marked detents every 45◦ for accuracy.

Featuring Magswitch®’s On/Off technology, there’s no fighting the magnetic field during setup. The magnets have to be turned “on” in order to work, ensuring precise placement and a non-marring hold on the work piece. Also, because the magnets can be turned “off”, any collected metal shavings or debris falls easily away.

The Pivoting Welding Angle offers versatile, work- holding ability on three sides of each magnet with a 200lb. holding value and accommodates flat or round steel.

For more information, visit the magnetic welding squares page.

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