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IMI First To Offer 50 MgOe Rare Earth Material As Standard

For Immediate Release: Posted On 8/13/2007 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI First To Offer 50 MgOe Rare Earth Material As Standard

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. announces that it is the first manufacturer of magnetic circuitry to offer 50 MgOe as the standard grade of Rare Earth material. MgOe stands for Megagauss Oersteds and indicates how much energy a piece of magnet material can supply to a circuit. IMI’s UHI-50 is the most powerful circuit available in the marketplace, featuring greater pull-test strength and holding value than any other circuit.

All IMI products utilizing grate tubes including Drawer-In-Housing, Vacuum 4JIT, JIT Clean Flow, Clean Flow, Cage T-Traps, Grates and Grate Tubes themselves now boast this extra-strength circuit. All other products utilizing Rare Earth magnet circuitry including Plates, Extractors, Bullet, Split Flow, Spout, Wedge, Pipe and EP Tube feature 45 MgOe- still 12.5% stronger than the widely accepted industry standard of 40 MgOe.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc., an industry leader, uses only the highest quality magnetic material from the world’s leading suppliers, now yielding a nominal 50 MgOe. With the use of this circuit, customers are ensured of only the finest materials for optimum metal capture.

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