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IMIís "Large Tube Housing" for Difficult Flow, Gravity Feed Apps

For Immediate Release: Posted On 3/31/2011 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMIís "Large Tube Housing" for Difficult Flow, Gravity Feed AppsIMIís new LTH (Large Tube Housing) incorporates 3" diameter rare earth magnetic tubes into their proven Drawer-in-Housing configuration for optimum metal separation when processing difficult flow products.

Designed with angled diverters and magnetic tubes 3 times larger in diameter than in traditional magnetic housings, the LTH allows products that tend to bridge and choke, such as flour and powdered sugar, to flow freely past the powerful rare earth magnets, purifying the product of ferrous metal.

The Large Tube Housing features a powerful, 45 mgo Rare earth magnetic circuit for optimum reach-out and surface holding strength, as well as food grade EPDM gasket material for leak resistant operation. Custom sizes and transitions are available, as well as EZ Clean or Self-Cleaning models.

Obtain a printed version of IMIís Magnetic Separation catalog by calling 800.662.4638, or emailing, or download a PDF version of the Large Tube Magnetic Housing from the product page on their website.(registration required).

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