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Creative Lift Magnet Redesign - Safer, Lighter & Easier to Use

For Immediate Release: Posted On 9/28/2010 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Creative Lift Magnet Redesign - Safer, Lighter & Easier to UseIMI has redesigned their popular Creative Lift magnet with several new enhancements, including a lighter, overall weight and a new 3:1 design factor which gives customers an even safer lift magnet at the same holding value, quality and price they’ve come to expect from the Creative Lift series.

"Design Factor" is calculated by taking the maximum lift capacity of the magnet under ideal conditions in the test facility and dividing it (or devaluing it) by a number, usually 2 or 3, and stating this devalued number as the "Holding Value" or "Lift Capacity" of the magnet. A devalued lifting capacity encourages safe and appropriate use of the lift magnet given the many factors that can contribute to less than ideal lifting conditions, such as dirt, paint, scale or rough surface texture on the load or improperly maintained poles on the lift magnet itself.

IMI has also incorporated a larger lift lug opening to accept most crane hooks without having to use extra linkage, such as a clevis, a shorter “jack screw” that won’t interfere with the crane hook, a heavier gauge of stainless steel for a longer housing life and a stronger spring on the handle return.

In addition, IMI’s Creative Lift Magnet conforms to ASME B30.20 standards and its patented, non-marring, roller cam release also protects finished steel surfaces and requires less torque to release the load from the magnet than other release mechanisms on the market.

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