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4 Ways to Improve Product Purity in Gravity Fed Systems

For Immediate Release: Posted On 9/20/2010 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

4 Ways to Improve Product Purity in Gravity Fed SystemsIndustrial Magnetics, Inc. now offers four different magnetic housings for removing fine metal particles from gravity flow processing streams; the magnetic Drawer-in-Housing, the Large Tube Housing, the OX and the RotoDrawer.

Each of the magnetic housings is particularly geared toward specific tendencies in either the product or the processing conditions and the level of product purity desired. Product factors including moisture content, particle size, abrasiveness, bridging or galling, and processing conditions such as, ambient temperature or humidity levels, all influence the application and require different methods of handling to ensure a successful outcome.

To ensure the right magnetic separator is chosen to obtain the highest level of product purity, each of IMI’s Gravity Feed Magnetic Separators are designed with different features to meet the exact needs of the application, such as larger magnetic tubes, rotating tubes, Nedox coatings, and cleaning elements and styles.

IMI’s team of product specialists, designers and engineers are available to assist in properly evaluating the product and processing conditions and choosing the best magnetic separator for the application. In addition, IMI is currently offering the “Trade-In/Upgrade” and the “Free Plant Audit” promotions to help customers save money and evaluate where a magnetic solution could improve their productivity. View More on Magnetic Housings for Gravity Fed Systems

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