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Free Plant Audit for Metal Conveying Applications

For Immediate Release: Posted On 4/21/2010 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Free Plant Audit for Metal Conveying ApplicationsIMI is currently offering a "Free Plant Audit" and "Free R&D" to companies interested in finding out how Magnetic Conveying Rail and Magnetic Transfer Conveyors can increase their productivity when conveying and transferring metal parts, sheets, containers, cans or lids.

The company offers Magnetic Conveying Rail which holds metal firmly in place during vertical, inclined or horizontal conveying applications, eliminating the slipping or rolling of parts and thereby allowing increased conveying speeds for higher productivity. Additional benefits include better utilization of space within a facility, noise reduction, correct part orientation, and on-time material flow.

Their Magnetic Transfer Conveyors are often used to eliminate laborious hand feeding and are designed for automated metal sheet handling systems in a variety of industries, such as Automotive, Office Furniture and Appliance, and include common applications such as stacking, destacking, press feeding and moving parts from one station to another.

IMI’s Magnetic Electro-Rail is also commonly used in automated systems for conveying, transferring and lifting steel sheets and parts. Utilizing a powerful electro- magnetic circuit to move and hold steel objects during conveying, electromagnets have the benefit of on/off capability and allow the user to control drop points throughout the system.

In addition to their Free Plant Audit, IMI also offers free R&D at their onsite facility, complete with quantifiable result documentation and product recommendations. Their comprehensive test facility includes a Magnetic Conveying Rail Test Fixture that is capable of replicating from 0 - 355 ft/min velocities, up to a 90 degree incline, 48" outside radius curve and 360° of adjustment for overhead rail applications.

To request additional details on their Free Plant Audit or Free R&D program, please contact IMI at 231.582.3100, 800.662.4638 or email

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