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Magnetic Transporters on Display at Fabtech ’09

For Immediate Release: Posted On 11/3/2009 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Magnetic Transporters on Display at Fabtech ’09Industrial Magnetics, Inc. patented family of Transporter® magnetic end-of-arm tooling will be on full display at FabTech ’09. Transporters® magnetically transfer metal blanks, stampings & parts in automated station-to-station, press-to-press transfer or robotic pick-and-place applications, among many others. Engineered with powerful Rare Earth magnets that positively hold the part during transfer- even during unexpected loss of shop air - the Transporter® family greatly reduces chances for slipping and shifting of parts due to mill oil coatings, dust, dirt, rust or weld splatter.

The Original Transporter® is designed for use on heavier gauge, non-flexing parts, and uses a single burst of shop air to actuate the magnet on and off; it is available in three standard sizes with holding capacities up to 670 lbs.

The Transporter® LP allows for minimal die clearance and can be easily installed to existing air connections on tooling booms or robotic face plates. Transporter® LP magnets are designed to directly replace vacuum cups with only minor tooling adjustments. Ideal for applications in the Appliance, Automotive, and Office Furniture industries, as well as numerous other material handling applications, the Transporter® LP is next-generation sheet handling technology. It only requires a short, single burst of shop air to quickly release parts, is available in three standard sizes with the strongest unit holding up to 162 lbs. Included in the LP line is the TPLP50. A 5”, low profile Transporter that is ideal for lifting thin sheets. It is also available with a Destacking Option that features a special magnetic circuit, designed to destack metal sheets as thin at 0.030” (22 guauge)

The latest addition to the Transporter® family is the Transporter® MV (MagVac) end-of- arm tooling from IMI, combining vacuum and magnet technology to lift and hold all shapes and types of steel in stamping, blanking, and press-to-press transfer applications. The Transporter® MV is ideal for facilities with mixed-use metals, where the magnet can be utilized in conjunction with the vacuum for ferrous parts and the vacuum can work on non-ferrous materials, eliminating downtime for tooling changes. This product comes in six standard sizes

Every Transporter® product provides more options for pick-up points on stamped, perforated and odd- shaped parts, and a significant reduction over vacuum and suction cups in shop air costs. In addition, all Transporters® offers more accurate placement on the die and quicker cycle times for increased production. Each is million-cycle-tested for endurance and incorporates a fail-safe feature that, in the event of air loss, prevents the magnet from releasing ferrous parts. IMI specializes in custom designs, providing Transporter® product for coil lifting, banded material handling and other challenging applications. A full line of accessories and fittings are available, and standard list prices range from $274-$1088 per unit.

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