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New "Safety Cages" for Magnetic Material Handling

For Immediate Release: Posted On 9/28/2009 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

New "Safety Cages" for Magnetic Material Handling Industrial Magnetics, inc. is now offering custom safety cages as an option when designing magnetic lifting and positioning solutions for their customers’ automated, robotic or manual material handling applications.

“This is a very natural product extension for us in the automated material handling industry” says Dennis O’Leary, Director of Sales & Marketing. “After all, the reason many customers are choosing magnets for their material handling application in the first place is often a preventative safety issue. Not only do we want to protect the worker from injury by using magnets to automate the lifting, flipping or rotating of large, heavy metal objects, but we want to keep them safe while the object is being manipulated into a new position.”

The photo above depicts a safety cage that was built around a magnetic handling operation that lifted and inverted a 125lb., 2’ x 4’ piece of sheet metal from a burn table to a press break and then rotated and stacked it for further assembly.

For more information on custom Safety Cages for Magnetic Material Handling Operations, please contact IMI’s Automation Group at 888.582.0823 or by email at

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