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IMI Announces Extension on Trade-In/Upgrade Program for Magnetic Separators

For Immediate Release: Posted On 6/19/2009 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.(IMI) announces an extension on their exclusive, “Trade-In/Upgrade” program on Drawer-in-Housings, Bullet & EP Tube magnetic separators, which allows customers to “Trade-In” an older, Ceramic or Rare Earth model, receiving the price they paid for it off a new, 50MgOe Rare Earth model with better capture and cleaning capabilities.

In addition, if the old magnetic separator is an IMI unit, Industrial Magnetics will allow the customer to keep the old unit, while giving the price they paid for it as a discount off the new model. Otherwise, if the old separator is a non-IMI unit, Industrial Magnetics will pay the freight for the customer to send it in, while giving the price they paid for it as a discount off the new, stronger model.

The new 50MgOe Rare Earth magnetic separators are up to 15x stronger than old Ceramic models and have a much higher capture rate on metal contaminants such as fines, shavings and powders. The newer cleaning styles also offer longer life expectancy on the magnet and superior cleaning performance making it much easier to gather and remove ferrous metal contamination from the product flow.

The extension runs through August 31st, 2009 with shipment taken by September 30th, 2009. For additional details on the Trade-In/Upgrade program, please contact IMI at 888.582.0821 or by email at

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