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Continuous Cleaning Magnetic Separator

For Immediate Release: Posted On 9/18/2008 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Continuous Cleaning Magnetic Separator

IMI’s new, Continuous-Clean Magnetic Drawer-In-Housing is designed for ferrous metal separation in dry processing systems. It is ideal for remote magnet installation locations, applications requiring frequent cleaning and fully automated processing systems.

Magnetic tubes are aligned on alternating centers for multiple row drawer configurations, forcing the product flow in a zigzag pattern while contacting the magnetic tubes. The cascade effect ensures maximum tramp metal separation by causing product to have repeated and intimate contact with magnetic tubes and ensuring maximum capture of contaminants.

The cleaning process is continuous and does not require the product flow to be stopped. The cleaning cycle is completed in a matter of seconds. The air- actuated stripper seal assembly discharges collected tramp metal into a leak-proof enclosure with a discharge chute that ensures clean operation and isolation of possible hazardous materials. This “In Stream” design is applicable for dry, free-flow powders and granular products often found in – among others- the food, feed, grain, plastics and chemical industries.

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