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Load Control Magnet Helps Keep Lift Operators Safe

For Immediate Release: Posted On 5/30/2017 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Load Control Magnet Helps Keep Lift Operators Safe

The new Load Control Magnet(LCM) from Industrial Magnetics, Inc. increases worker safety during steel lifting operations by allowing the user to guide the load while remaining a safe distance away.

The product features an on/off, rare-earth permanent magnet with an articulating connector for a long-reach pole.

Offering fast & easy setup, the LCM magnetically attaches to a steel sheet, plate or pipe load with a simple turn of the switch. The articulating connector and long-reach pole allow the user to control and position the load from up to 12’ feet away, keeping them safely outside the lift zone area.

The product can be used with any long reach pole, or can be purchased as a bundle with IMI’s version(LCM150-02), which telescopes from 6 to 12 feet in length.

For application information or questions, please call 231.582.3100.

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