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IMI’s Preventative Maintenance Program Celebrates 5 Years

For Immediate Release: Posted On 5/24/2016 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI’s Preventative Maintenance Program Celebrates 5 Years

Now in its 5th year, the Preventative Maintenance & Service program by Industrial Magnetics has helped more than 150 plants and processing facilities evaluate their magnetic equipment needs.

The service is well suited to companies who need a documented, independent evaluation of their magnetic equipment on an annual basis to either meet their companies’ internal benchmarks or to maintain their quality and safety certification through various 3rd party programs.

As magnets can potentially lose strength over time due to damage, exposure to heat, etc., the service also offers upgrades, repairs, and comprehensive employee training on “best practices” for ensuring maximum performance and longevity of magnetic equipment.

During an on-site visit, a qualified IMI technician will perform an evaluation using a magnetic pull test to ensure that the magnetic equipment is operating within the acceptable threshold. The technician will also carry out a thorough visual inspection of the magnet and cycle through the mechanical steps to ensure motors, belting, cylinders and guide rods are all in proper working order, while replacing any worn parts, such as gaskets and seals.

Upon completion of the audit, full documentation will be presented to the customer, along with recommendations for correctable action that may need to be taken in order to return the magnet to its’ optimal performance level.

IMI’s trained technicians are also available to work with on-site staff to handle or oversee installation of magnetic equipment and to help train maintenance, electrical or sanitation staff on best practices for administering pull tests and maintaining high levels of equipment operation and life expectancy.

For additional information, please visit the Preventative Maintenance Program product page on their website, contact 888.582.0821 or email

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