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IMI Transporter® LP’s Now Available in 5 Configurations

For Immediate Release: Posted On 10/30/2013 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI Transporter® LP’s Now Available in 5 Configurations

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has expanded their line of Transporter® LP magnetic end-of-arm tooling, designed to magnetically transfer metal blanks, stampings & parts in automated station-to-station, press-to-press transfer and robotic pick-and-place applications.

A video by Nidec Minster Corporation demonstrates how the Transporter’s powerful Rare Earth magnets positively hold the part during transfer and offer more options for pick-up points on stamped, perforated and odd-shaped parts than traditional vacuum cups.

Now available in 5 different configurations, including Standard, Non-Rotating(NR), Destacking(DS), Double-Acting(DA) and Extra-Strong(ES) models, the Transporter® LP’s are designed to directly replace vacuum cups with only minor tooling adjustments and can be easily installed to existing air connections on tooling booms or robotic face plates. Ideal for applications in the Appliance, Automotive, and Office Furniture industries, as well as numerous other material handling applications, the Transporter® LP is next-generation sheet handling technology.

Standard Transporter® products are available to order online at, along with a full line of accessories and fittings such as adhesive pads, urethane boots and BSPP fittings. IMI also specializes in custom designs, providing magnetic Transporter® products for coil lifting, banded material handling and other challenging applications.

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