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IMI’s CreativeLift® Magnet Now Standard with RFID Technology

For Immediate Release: Posted On 8/28/2013 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI’s CreativeLift® Magnet Now Standard with RFID Technology

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is now offering their CreativeLift® Lifting Magnet with RFID(Radio Frequency ID) for ease of product identification and tracking in plant maintenance programs.

The RFID device, manufactured by InfoChip®, aides maintenance and quality personnel in documenting the lift magnets’ location, inspection history, safety compliance and maintenance record as part of their company’s control programs.

The RFID chip can be read with most standard readers, or one of several models available for purchase from InfoChip®, who also offers complete desktop, online or mobile software solutions for companies without an existing program.

States Dennis O’Leary, IMI’s President, "One of our goals is to constantly strive to add value to our products. Recognizing the importance of RFID technology in today’s Quality Control and Maintenance Programs, the CreativeLift® marks the third lift magnet that we’ve added RFID to as a standard feature".

For more information on RFID features and options, visit InfoChip® on the web at or contact Industrial Magnetics, Inc. at, 888.582.0822 / 231.582.3100 for more information on their lifting magnets.

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