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IMI Offers Magnetic Separation Equipment for Conveyor Line

For Immediate Release: Posted On 7/2/2019 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI Offers Magnetic Separation Equipment for Conveyor Line

Industrial Magnetics Inc.(IMI) offers a range of heavy-duty magnetic separation equipment designed to protect vital processing equipment from metal damage and improve product purity and quality for high volume belt-conveyed products. The line features deep-reaching magnetic circuits to supply superior separation capabilities, reclaim valuable ferrous metal, and reduce product liability.

Suspended Overband Magnets

Permanent Magnet Separators

Self-cleaning permanent magnets are designed to separate ferrous metal in a variety of over-the-belt conveyor applications. IMI’s SMS series of magnets offer optimum operating efficiency with a continuous cleaning belt to keep the magnet face free of collected metal. The powerful, deep-reaching magnetic circuit pulls metal to the face of the magnet, where the cleated belt can remove the metal off the end of the magnet and out of the product flow. The compact design of the SMS makes it ideal for use on portable size-reduction equipment.

Manual clean permanent magnets (SPMC) are a good economical solution for applications that require a magnet for equipment protection but don’t encounter enough ferrous metal in their product flow to justify a self-cleaning magnet.

Electromagnet Separators

Suspended electromagnets (SEMO) are designed to deliver peak ferrous metal separation performance. The “deep-reaching” magnetic fleld is ideal for applications that require increased suspension heights for the magnet or that have a deep product burden. They also offer optimum separation capacity by removing collected metal from the magnet face instantly and discharging it out of the product flow. This continuous cleaning function allows the magnetic circuit to maintain maximum magnetic strength at all times.

Manual-cleaning SEMOs are best suited for applications with a lower volume of ferrous metal in the product flow or in applications where the system is run intermittently. The ability to turn the magnet off makes removing the collected metal easy for the operator.

Magnetic Separation Head Pulleys

Powerful permanent magnetic separation pulleys typically are installed as head pulleys in conveyor system applications. They provide effective, automatic and continuous removal of tramp metal from a material flow. Commonly used in industries such as waste recovery, mining and bulk material processing, our pulleys improve product purity and protect equipment from metal damage.

Magnetic Drum Separators

Drum separators provide ferrous metal removal from dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems. The continuously self-clean and can be provided as a complete assembly with the housing and the drive package included or as the magnetic drum only.

Eddy Current Separators

IMI’s Javelin eddy current separators (ECS) provide high recovery rates and low operating costs. They’re ideal for a range of applications, including material recovery facilities, C&D, incineration, auto shredding and electronics recycling. Every Javelin™ ECS machine is built with the highest quality materials and to an unmatched quality standard. They have the strongest and deepest field in the industry for a farther throw and a higher and cleaner recovery rate.

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