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IMI Releases New Metalworking Magnets & More Catalog

For Immediate Release: Posted On 4/23/2019 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

IMI Releases New Metalworking Magnets & More Catalog

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. recently announced the release of a new 48 page, full color catalog titled “Metalworking Magnets & More" for increasing the speed, efficiency & safety of material handling operations involving metal.

The catalog contains hundreds of rare earth, ceramic and electromagnetic assemblies and products for use in a wide variety of industrial applications, including holding, lifting, fixturing, welding, tool storage and more.

New products in the catalog include the No-Mar® Hammer line, Kant-Twist® Cantilever Clamps, and Hi-Vis telescoping magnetic retrievers. Product line expansions can be found under categories such as Magnets for Holding & Storage, and Rare Earth Neodymium raw material.

The magnet catalog is available online in a new, flip-catalog style, as well as downloadable PDF, or a hard copy can be requested by contacting 231.582.3100.

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