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New Line of Magnetic Tool Holders for Organized Storage

For Immediate Release: Posted On 12/1/2017 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. recently introduced a new line of magnetic tool holders designed to keep tools organized, safe from damage and close at hand.

The line includes a specialized holder for MIG & TIG torches, grinders, impact wrenches, spray cans and hoses. Each style has a strong magnetic base that holds fast to the top or side of a steel work bench, cabinet, or other steel surface, and can be easily positioned or re-positioned as needed.

The tool holders features durable stainless steel construction and a plated cup magnet that ranges in holding value from 41 to 140 lbs., depending on the style.

For more information and product videos, visit IMI’s Magnetic Tool Storage page online, or call 888.582.0822

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