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New "Air Spring" On/Off Magnetic Fanner Separates Steel Sheet Stock

For Immediate Release: Posted On 10/24/2012 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

New "Air Spring" On/Off Magnetic Fanner Separates Steel Sheet Stock Industrial Magnetics, Inc. introduces the new Air Spring Fanner series of sheet/blank separators that gives on/off capability to a permanent magnetic fanner for ease of transportation and stack changeovers.

The ASF Series features a unique On/Off system that pushes the permanent magnetic circuit into the “On” operating position when air pressure is present. When the air pressure is turned off or disconnected, the magnetic circuit will return to “Off/Fail-Safe” mode. This minimizes the risk of having metal accidentally attracted to the fanner during transportation or stack changeovers.

Ideal for the Automotive, Office Furniture, Appliance, Stamping and Fabrication industries, the Air Spring Magnetic Fanner features a powerful, Rare Earth permanent circuit to fit a wide variety of applications from 30 gauge sheets to 3/16” plate. The industrial, welded stainless cover can survive challenging environments and an innovative On/Off indicator alerts the operator to whether or not the fanner is safe to operate, transport or perform maintenance in the surrounding work cell.

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