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The Ox® Heavy Duty Drawer-In-Housing

For Immediate Release: Posted On 8/13/2007 By Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

The Ox® Heavy Duty Drawer-In-Housing

The Ox is IMI’s new Heavy Duty Drawer-In-Housing. The design elements of the housing are applicable to a variety of processing conditions where external elements, like ambient temperature and humidity, as well as material contents, cause challenges such as product bridging, abrasion, corrosion and galling.

The Ox can capture and remove fine particle size ferrous tramp metal from vertical product flow. The Nedox® coated magnetic tubes virtually eliminate sticking, galling, static buildup and corrosion of the tubing which houses the circuit. This makes the tubes simple to clean due to the self-lubricating nature of Nedox® an FDA and USDA approved synergistic product, making difficult applications easier to manage and minimizing maintenance on parts like wiper seals, springs and gasket materials.


  • Powerful Rare Earth 50 MgOe circuit for fine particle separation - the most powerful magnetic circuit in the industry
  • Hydex® wiper seals - ideal for applications where product tends to stick on tubes
  • Welded stainless steel construction for long,non-corrosive life
  • Nedox® coated magnetic circuitry
  • Rear access door to aid customers in accessing the back of the housing for cleaning or maintenance purposes
  • De-Sta-Co® clamps for ease of opening and closing
  • Compression springs to initiate movement of the stripper plate for cleaning
  • EZ-Clean and Self-Cleaning styles

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