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End Of Arm Tooling

Automation / End Of Arm Tooling / Transporter® LP

The Low Profile Transporter® LP magnetically transfers metal blanks, stampings and parts in automated station to station, press-to-press transfer and robotic pick and place systems. Typical applications include stamped parts, tailor welded blanks, body panels and refrigerator door panels.

Automation / End Of Arm Tooling / Transporter® Cylinder Actuated Magnets

Our patented Transporter® utilizes a powerful, rare earth permanent magnet to pick and place heavy, non-flexing steel items, such as truck frames, or other rigid parts in automated transfer or manually operated material handling applications.

Automation / End Of Arm Tooling / Transporter® MagVac

From the platform of its most successful product ever, IMI introduces a new product to the Transporter® Family, the Transporter® MagVac- a combination of magnetic and vacuum technology.

Automation / End Of Arm Tooling / Transporter® Permatrol®

Our Permatrol Transporter® is used for automated transferring of steel sheets and parts in various industries including Automotive, Appliance and Office Furniture. The Permatrol® Transporter® requires only a momentary flow of electric current, instead of shop air, to provide On/Off cycling control of the magnet.

Automation / End Of Arm Tooling / Permatrols® & Perm-Electro Hybrids

Ideal for handling heavy, thick steel sheet stock or plate, the Permatrol offers the security of a permanent magnet with the on/off benefit of an electromagnet, without the need of a high maintenance battery backup system.

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