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Magnetic Separation Head Pulleys

Magnetic Separation Head Pulleys

Our comprehensive line of powerful permanent Magnetic Separation Pulleys are typically installed as magnetic head pulleys and occasionally as magnetic tail pulleys in conveyor system applications to improve product purity and protect equipment from metal damage. They provide effective, automatic and continuous removal of tramp metal from a material flow.

As the belt conveyed product travels over the magnetic head pulley, any ferrous metal that is mixed in with the product is attracted and held to the face of the belt and carried to the underside of the pulley. After the metal passes out of the magnetic field, it is released and discharges into a chute or bin for analysis or disposal.

Commonly used in industries such as waste recovery, feed & grain, or mining, IMI Magnetic Pulleys are available in a wide variety of strengths and standard sizes to fit most belt configurations.

Magnetic Stainless Separation Pulley Magnets

The Magnetic Stainless Separation Pulley magnet is designed to attract and hold low grade, weakly-magnetic stainless steel scrap found in electronics scrap, wire chopping lines and auto shredder residue.

This product practically eliminates the need for manual picking of small, stainless pieces out of the waste stream.  This can be especially important in applications such as wire chopping lines, where the introduction of stainless into the feed stream can wreak havoc on granulator blades and grates.

300 grade stainless steel in its pure form has virtually no magnetic potential, however after it has been cold worked or shredded, the potential increases to the point where it can be held by a very strong magnet. Many of the other grades of stainless do have magnetic potential in their natural state, so they too are susceptible to magnetic attraction.

These units are available as a stand-alone head pulley that can be integrated into existing conveyor systems, or as an all-in-one conveyor unit.

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