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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Plate Style T-Trap

Plate Style T-Trap
Plate Style T-Trap Image 1Plate Style T-Trap Image 2

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.'s Liquid line T-Traps remove unwanted ferrous and work-hardened stainless contaminants from processing lines. They capture fine ferrous particles that are created by wear of upstream processing equipment and often pass undetected through electronic metal detectors. T-Traps are typically placed in front of pumps, screens and mills to protect vital plant equipment from costly metal damage and system downtime.

Plate Style Liquid Line T-Traps are recommended for low volume applications requiring gentle flow characteristics or for fragile products that may contain long, sinewy items, larger chunks and hard-to-move products such as fruit preserves, cooked meat chunks and cottage cheese.

  • 316 stainless steel sanitary construction that meets or exceeds USDA and 3A Standards
  • Powerful Rare Earth Magnetic Circuit
  • Quick clamp system on magnetic filter cap
  • Standard line sizes from 1.5" - 6" (other sizes available)
  • Designed for line pressures up to 200 psi (high pressure options available)
  • Inlet/Outlet ferrules for clamping (Tri-Clamp and weld ends are standard)
  • EPDM Standard Gasket Material (BUNA-N & VITON available)
  • Standard maximum operating temperatures of 220°F (104°C)

Installation of the Plate Style magnet can be in any position. For complete body drainage (no sump area), install T-Traps in vertical lines. Installation locations must allow access for cleaning collected metal from the magnet(s). T-Traps can also be mounted in horizontal or sloped lines without affecting the magnetic efficiency.

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Plate Style Liquid Line T-Trap Dimensions
Part NumberLine Size (in)Length (in)Body Diameter (in)Overall Height (in)
Single Plate Models (Recommended for low volume applications requiring gentle flow characteristics)
LLM11515 1.5 8.25 7 6.2
LLM1152 2 8.25 7 6.2
LLM11525 2.5 10.25 9 7.4
LLM1153 3 10.25 9 7.4
Dual Plate Models (Recommended for high volume applications requiring gentle flow characteristics)
LLM12515 1.5 8.25 7 9.6
LLM1252 2 8.25 7 9.6
LLM12525 2.5 10.25 9 11.4
LLM1253 3 10.25 9 11.4
LLM1254 4 10.25 9 13
LLM1206 6 16 14 18

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