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Suspended Electromagnet Overhead

Suspended Electromagnet Overhead
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Suspended Electromagnetic Separators for cross belt or overband conveyor applications

Our SEMO magnets (Suspended ElectroMagnet Overhead) are cross-belt, or overband, electromagnet separators designed for separation of ferrous metal from a variety of over-the-belt or cross belt conveyor applications. Proven in industries such as Mining, Aggregate, Recycling, Tire Shredding, Foundry, Wood Chip, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Construction and Demolition.

These electromagnets are design to deliver peak ferrous metal separation and capture performance. Our powerful and deep-reaching magnetic field is ideal for applications that have a deep product burden or require increased magnet suspension heights.

The Self-Cleaning Suspended Electromagnet Separator offers optimum separation capacity by removing collected metal from the magnet face instantly and discharging it out of the product flow. This continuous cleaning function allows the magnetic circuit to maintain maximum magnetic strength at all times.

Manual Clean SEMO's are best suited for applications with a lower volume of ferrous metal in the product flow or in applications where the system is only running intermittently. The ability to turn the magnet “OFF” makes removing the collected metal easy for the operator.

SEMO 10 year, 4 week warranty Contact our Tramp Metal Group at 888.582.0821 to find out more about our 10 Year Warranty / 4 Week Delivery Guarantee on our Suspended Electromagnet Overhead models up to 72 inches.
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Magnet Case LxWxH (Inches) Power (Watts) Voltage (V.D.C.) Current (A) Cold Resistance (Ohms) Cold Resistance (Ohms) Hot Oil Capacity (Gallons)*
SEMO241 24x24x14 1652 115 14.4 8 12 30
SEMO301 30x30x16 2700 115 23.5 4.9 7.33 50
SEMO361 36x36x20 3800 115 33 3.48 4.87 75
SEMO422 42x42x22 5000 230 21.7 10.6 14.6 125
SEMO482 48x48x24 6600 230 28.7 8 11.3 205
SEMO542 54x54x26 8000 230 34.8 6.6 10 297
SEMO602 60x60x30 10000 230 43.5 5.3 7.5 385
SEMO662 66x66x32 12250 230 53.3 4.32 6 420
SEMO722 72x72x37 14500 230 63 3.66 5.2 660
*Shell Diala AX, Exxon Univolt N61B, Texaco 600 or Petro-Canada Luminol Bi transformer oils are the only IMI-approved replacement options. Using non-approved oil will void warranty.

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