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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Perm-Electro Hybrid Rail

Perm-Electro Hybrid Rail

IMI's Permanent-Electro Hybrid Rail is commonly used for automated conveying and transferring of steel sheets and parts in transfer conveyors.

Hybrid rail consists of a powerful permanent magnet with an electrically triggered release circuit to move and hold sheets and blanks during conveying. The fast acting on/off action enables the magnet to be controlled for specific drop points throughout the conveying system.

The release circuit is only energized for the amount of time required to release the part, which significantly reduces the cost of operation over a purely Electromagnetic Rail system.

Perm-Electro Hybrid Rail is ideal for blank sorting/stacking transfer systems and can be designed to fit most conveying systems.

Literature Download: Perm-Electro Hybrid Rail

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