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Long Reach Retrievers

Long Reach Retrievers
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Ideal for reaching behind, underneath or around machinery and/or difficult to reach areas. These tools have a maximum temperature of 300°F (148°C).

MX3000WAH Lightweight, long reach retriever with a Ceramic magnet at a 45 degree angle and 3-1/4" in diameter.

MM06X38 Collapsible, long retriever for narrow areas. Ceramic Magnet is 1-3/8" sq. by 6" long.

COR12 & COR35 have an Alnico Magnet attached to a wood handle and are designed to retrieve ferrous metal items from tanks, acid baths, oil reservoirs, heat bake ovens and more. COR12 magnet is 1-3/8" diameter and COR35 is 2-1/2" diameter.

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Long Reach Retrievers
Part No. Lifting Value (lbs) Length (in) Weight (lbs)
MX3000WAH 47.5 38 1.70
MM06X38 8.0 40 3.00
COR12 12.0 48 1.60
COR35 35.0 48 2.50

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