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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Magnet Print Holders

Magnet Print Holders
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Hold papers, prints, charts and more to steel desks, partitions, machinery, etc. The strong magnet will hold through many layers of prints. Available in Rectangular and Round styles.

Round print holders are ideal for holding prints, papers, charts, calendars, ect. to machinery, steel desks, partitions, cabinets and doors! The round edges on these magnetic print holders reduce the chance of tearing or puncturing paper like some rectangular versions can. Industrial strength and capable of handling many layers of paper, the circular magnetic print holder is available in sizes: 1-7/16" and 2" diameters.

If you're interested in encouraging repeat business from your key prospects and customers, MAG-MATE® circular magnet print holders can also be customized with your company's name and a phone number. A useful and unique item for promoting your business!

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Rectangular Print Holders
Holding Values (lbs)Part No. Width (in) Length (in) Height (in)
11.5 PH2100 1-1/8 2-3/8 1-5/16
19.0 PH2101 1-5/8 2 1-5/16
22.5 PH2102 2-1/2 3 1-5/16
Round Print Holders
Holding Value (lbs) Single Part No. Multi-Pack Part No. Diameter (in) Height (in)
7.0 PHMX1000 PHMX1000PK10 (10 pk.) 1.24 0.6875
11.0 PHMX1500 PHMX1500PK10 (10 pk.) 1.41 1.0313
19.0 PHMX2000 PHMX2000PK08 (8 pk.) 2.03 1.0625
41.0 PHMX2500 PHMX2500PK06 (6 pk.) 2.63 1.125
47.5 PHMX3000 PHMX3000PK04 (4 pk.) 3.18 1.188

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