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Spout Line Inspection Magnets

Spout Line Inspection Magnets

The SLIM™ Series of Spout Line Inspection Magnets offer single or multiple inspection points in spout lines, with the easy installation of our flanged unit. The magnet is mounted to a clamped door plate assembly and is always in the product flow. To inspect for any ferrous or weakly magnetic stainless contaminants, the operator simply needs to unclamp and extract the assembly to perform a visual check. The SLIM series is intended to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive foreign contamination program and should be strategically placed at several locations throughout the process stream, such as: discharge points of mixers, sifters, screws, etc., anywhere that product drops into a gravity spout.

Standard SLIM Series Spout Line Inspection Magnets utilize our 52 Grade Rare Earth Opti-B™ balanced magnetic tube circuit design, featuring a high-performance blend of 9,500 gauss and 16.7 lbs. of pull strength on a 1/2" ball. The power and design of the Opti-B™ magnetic tube provides excellent capture of ferrous metal contaminants and tube durability, suitable for use in abrasive product applications.

NOTE: A Spout Line Inspection Magnet is not a process magnet for product purification, but rather an inspection magnet at a given point in the process stream to help isolate and find metal contamination sources prior to the balance of a comprehensive magnetic solution being implemented. Such a solution generally includes drawer-in-housings, large tube housings, grates, plates and other purification magnets.


  • Available in (4) line sizes: SLIM105 (105mm O.D), SLIM120 (120mm O.D), SLIM150 (150mm O.D) and SLIM200 (200mm O.D)
  • OAH: 190mm
  • Inspection Opening: 105mm
  • 52 Grade Rare Earth Opti-B™ balanced magnetic tube design
Literature Download: Spout Line Inspection Magnets

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Spouting Line Inspection Magnet Specifications
Shipping Part Number Inlet Outside Diameter (in) [mm] Height (in) [mm] Housing Center to Insert Handle (in) Insert Removal Clearance (in) Housing Flange Diameter (in) Housing Thickness (in) Overall Width (in) Weight (lbs)
Standard Shipping SLIM105 4.13 [105] 7.48 [190] 4.09 4.23 4.52 0.04 6.35 2.9
Standard Shipping SLIM120 4.72 [120] 7.48 [190] 4.38 4.81 5.11 0.04 6.94 3.2
Standard Shipping SLIM150 5.91 [150] 7.48 [190] 4.97 6.00 6.25 0.04 8.10 3.7
Standard Shipping SLIM200 7.87 [200] 7.48 [190] 5.96 7.97 8.26 0.04 10.09 4.3

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