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Automotive Fuse Pullers

Automotive Fuse Pullers
Automotive Fuse Pullers Image 1Automotive Fuse Pullers Image 2

Remove and install hard to reach or difficult to pull fuses. Fully insulated, 100% non-conductive Nylon pliers with an ergonomic grip and finger stops to protect fingers. PLF100 is used on Flat blade type fuses in Automotive, ATO and mini fuses. PLF200 is for 1/2" to 1" glass fuses in vintage automotive, appliance and industrial fuse application. Hook on end of grip pulls midget fuses.

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Automotive Repair Tools - Nylon Fuse Pullers and Installers
Model No.DescriptionLn.(In.)Wt.(lbs.)
PLF100 Flat Blade Fuse Puller/Installer 6 0.05
PLF200 Glass Fuse Puller/Installer 7-1/8 0.10

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