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Magnetic Press Brake Squaring Arm

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Magnetic Press Brake Squaring Arm
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The Magnetic Squaring Arm gives press brake operators the ability to make angled corner bends on small pieces of metal with increased speed, safety and accuracy.

Designed to quickly attach to a flat surface die using powerful rare earth magnets, the product features a sturdy, stainless steel table with a squaring arm that aligns any type of metal piece, keeping hands and fingers clear of the press brake.


  • Powerful Rare Earth Magnets hold tight to die
  • Arm swings bilaterally from 90° to 20°,  allowing for 140° swing in total
  • When bending steel, magnets in arm provide extra hold
  • Adjustable handle secures arm at proper angle
  • Locator rule on leading edge helps position squaring arm
  • Stainless Steel/Aluminum construction
  • Safety strap prevents accidental dislodgement from die

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Basic Lift Magnets
Part No. Hold (lbs) Length. (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
MSAP01 90 14 7.25 2.625 2.70

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