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Spring Polymagnet®

Spring Polymagnet®

Providing a cushion of magnetism

Spring Polymagnets® are produced in matched pairs and will attract until they pass the zero-force transition point - a specific and tailorable distance - from their mated Polymagnet®, at which point they will repel. These Polymagnets® hover at an equilibrium distance in space. They do not have a bias to align, so they must be constrained to perform properly.

Spring Polymagnets® can serve as a vibration isolation device acting as an efficient low-pass filter across a range of frequencies and mass. Vibration isolation enables noise and vibration reduction with a wide range of potential applications.

Polymagnet® is a trademark of Correlated Magnetics Research.

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Round Disc Rare Earth Spring Polymagnet® Raw Material (Sold in pairs)
ShippingPart No.Dia. (in)Ln. (in)Spring Distance (in)Spring Force (lbs)
Standard Shipping CMP2M1012SP5 1.00 0.125 0.125 3.7
Ring Rare Earth Spring Polymagnet® Raw Material (Sold in pairs)
ShippingPart No.O.D. (in) I.D. (in)Ln. (in)Spring Distance (in)Spring Force (lbs)
Standard Shipping CMP2M101812SP5 1.00 0.1875 0.125 0.125 3.7

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