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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Smart-Mag® Kits

Smart-Mag® Kits

Experiment and Brain Storm with a Smart-Mag® Demo Kit

Smart-Mag® kits feature popular Polymagnet® samples for a hands-on feel of their unique capabilities and functions. The magnet pairs and individual magnets included illustrate characteristics such as vibration isolation, impact dampening, clamping, latching, enhanced strength and superior sheer force performance.

Kit items include:

Controlled Reach Max-Attach® Field

Illustrates field reach control of Polymangets®. Ideal for sensitive applications such as electronics & medical equipment. Optimized for the Attach Sheet thickness without bleed-through. Use the magnetic viewing film to see that no stray fields go through the thin-metal provided.


This magnet pattern demonstrates the ability to improve magnetic hold and sheer strength, while keeping some depth of field to ensure a strong attach even with small gaps between the magnet and the metal.

90 Degree Detent

This pair of magnets is patterned to turn easily face to face with a detent catch point every 90 degrees.


This pair of magnets is patterned to repel until pushed very close and then they snap together.


This pair of magnets is patterned to repel and attract as the faces are rotated.

Mag Spring

This pair of magnets is patterned to attract at a distance and then repel up close to create a magnetic spring or cushion.

Spring-Latch Combo

This pair of magnets is patterned to function like a spring and a twist release latch. They hold tightly in the latched position, and when rotated 180° they become a spring.

Conventional Magnet

This pair of magnets are magnetized with only one pole per face and included for comparison demonstration to the Polymagnets® in this kit.

Magnetic Viewing Film

This special green film allows you to see the magnetic field pattern on the face of the magnets.

Attach Sheet

Thin steel sheet to demonstrate magnet on steel performance differences.

Max-Attach® is a trademark of Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Polymagnet® is a trademark of Correlated Magnetics Research.

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Smart-Mag® Demonstration Kits
Part No.DescriptionItems included
CMP1DEMOKIT 1 Inch Diameter Smart-Mag® Demonstration Kit Kit Includes - Conventional Magnet, Max-Attach®, Controlled Reach Max-Attach®, 90° Detent, Push-Latch, Twist-Latch, Mag Spring, Spring-Latch Combo, Magnetic Viewing Film and Steel Attach Sheet.

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