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Polymagnet® Kits

Polymagnet® Kits

Show off your Polymagnets®

Polymagnets® are offered as components of a functional sub-assembly, such as vibration isolation, shear force transfer across a barrier, magnetic coupling across an air gap, or linear motion magnetic actuators. Assembly Polymagnets® are delivered with sub-system definition, engineering specifications, and dimensional drawings of functional elements.

Kit items may include:

Push Latch

This pair of magnets is patterned to repel until pushed very close, at which point they snap together.

Striped Shallow Field

This magnet has a tight striped pattern to illustrate the magnetic field depth control of Polymagnets®. This magnet has no magnetic signature through the provided Attach Sheet. Shallow magnetic fields often provided safety benefits compared to long-reaching conventional magnetic fields.

90 Degree Detent

This pair of magnets is patterned to turn easily face to face with a detent catch point every 90 degrees.

Twist Latch

This pair of magnets is patterned to repel and attract as the faces are rotated.


This magnet is patterned with alternating poles to give it superior metal attach forces and much greater sheer force strength in all directions. Use on the supplied Attach Sheet to demonstrate magnetic strength and shear resistance compared to conventional magnets.

Conventional Magnet

This pair of magnets is a typical example of conventional magnets, with only one pole per face, and can be used for comparison demonstration to the Polymagnets® provided in this kit.

Mag Spring

This pair of magnets is patterned to attract at a distance and then repel up close to create a magnetic spring or cushion.

Magnetic Viewing Film

This special green film allows you to see the magnetic field pattern on the face of the magnets.

Max-Attach® is a trademark of Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Polymagnet® is a trademark of Correlated Magnetics Research.

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Polymagnet® Demonstration Kits
ShippingPart No.DescriptionItems included
QuickShip Program CMP1DEMOKIT 1 Inch Diameter Polymagnet® Demonstration Kit Kit Includes - Conventional Magnet, Max-Attach®, Controlled Reach Max-Attach®, 90° Detent, Push-Latch, Twist-Latch, Mag Spring, Spring-Latch Combo, Magnetic Viewing Film and Steel Attach Sheet.

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