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Industrial Magnetics, Inc.®

Max-Attach® Magnets

Max-Attach® Magnets
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Much stronger and safer than traditional magnets

Max-Attach™ magnets have unique possibilities compared to conventionally magnetized magnets. A particular magnetic function is encoded into the magnet, focusing the magnetic field for better magnet on metal performance. This revolutionary technology can deliver much greater shear strength and holding power than conventional magnets of the same size and grade for outstanding performance in standard applications such as magnetic hooks and hangers, magnetic whiteboards, and magnetic paint or primer.

Unmatched Performance on Thin Metal

Traditional magnets don't hold very well to thin metal. This is because the magnetic field does not saturate the metal and extends through to the other side, where its magnetic energy is wasted and doesn't contribute to the holding force.

The magnetic field on a Max-Attach™ magnet is focused closer to the face of the magnet and therefore saturates the metal more efficiently, creating stronger holding forces on thin metal.

Incredible Shear Strength

In magnetic applications, shear strength refers to the amount of weight a magnet can hold when attached to a vertical surface. Max-Attach™ magnets exhibit 2 to 8 times more shear strength than conventional magnets, which just do not hold well on vertical surfaces and slide easily on metal. This is due to the difference in field saturation efficiency between conventional magnets and multi-pole Polymagnets®.

Safer Magnets

Max-Attach™ magnets allow for incredible control of the magnetic field and are safer than traditional magnets because they can be encoded only to engage at very close proximity to either metal or other magnets. The "reach-out" of the magnetic field can be varied to suit specific design requirements.

Polymagnet® is a trademark of Correlated Magnetics Research.

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Rectangular Rare Earth Max-Attach® Smart-Mag® Raw Material
Part No.Part No. with Adhesive BackThick (in)Wd. (in)Ln. (in)Max Pull (lbs.)
CMP010505P1N42 CMP010505P1ADH 0.125 0.50 0.50 13.1
CMP010510P1N42 CMP010510P1ADH 0.125 0.50 1.00 17.1
CMP011010P1N42 CMP011010P1ADH 0.125 1.00 1.00 39.8
CMP011515P1N42 CMP011515P1ADH 0.125 1.50 1.50 86.4
CMP181510P2N35   0.1875 1.00 1.50 62.1
CMP181510P2N42 - 0.1875 1.00 1.50 64.8
Round Disc Rare Earth Max-Attach® Smart-Mag® Raw Material
Part No.Part No. with Adhesive BackDia. (in)Ln. (in)Max Pull (lbs)
CMP5006P2N52 CMP5006P2ADH 0.50 0.0625 4.9
CMP5012P1N42 - 0.50 0.125 8.8
CMP5018P2N42 - 0.50 0.1875 10.5
CMP7506P1N42 CMP7506P1ADH 0.75 0.0625 15.3
CMP7512P1N42 - 0.75 0.125 18.0
CMP10006P1N42 CMP10006P1ADH 1.00 0.0625 16.5
CMP10012P1N42 CMP10012P1ADH 1.00 0.125 37.3
CMP10018P2N42   1.00 0.1875 38.4
CMP15012P1N42 CMP15012P1ADH 1.50 0.125 77.0
Ring Rare Earth Max-Attach® Smart-Mag® Raw Material
Part No.Part No. with Adhesive Back O.D. (in) I.D. (in)Ln. (in)Counter SinkMax Pull (lbs)
CMP751212P2N42 0.75 0.125 0.125 - 16.3
CMP7512CSP2N42   0.75 - 0.125 #8 Screw 11.0
CMP10012CSP2N42   1.00 - 0.125 #8 Screw 30.00
CMP101812P2N42   1.00 0.1875 0.125 - 36.85
CMP101912P2N42 CMP101912P2ADH 1.00 0.1975 0.125 - 33.2
CMP151212P2N42 CMP151212P2ADH 1.50 0.125 0.125 - 67.3
CMP208718P2N42 - 2.00 0.875 0.187 - 119.0

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