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Air Spring Sheet Fanners

Air Spring Sheet Fanners

Air Spring Fanners have an air spring system that pushes the magnet inside toward the face of the fanner when air pressure is present. When the air pressure is turned off or disconnected the air spring will defl ate and the magnet will move away from the face of the fanner creating air gap that in essence turns the magnet off. This removes the risk of having metal accidently attracted to the fanner during transportation or stack changeovers.

  • Reduce costs & increase safety for destacking
  • A Powerful, Rare Earth, magnetic field automatically separates ferrous sheets
  • As the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly fans up
  • Assists prying apart sticky, oily, pre-finished or polished sheets
  • On/Off capability helps prevent injury when introducing new materials to the fanner
  • "Fail-Safe" mode automatically returns the magnet to the "Off" position with loss of air pressure
  • Durable stainless steel welded cover construction
  • Fans from 30 gauge sheets to 3/16" plate
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Air-Knife Sheet Fanners
Part NoumberFace Height (in.)Width (in.)Depth (in.)Weight (lbs.)
ASF09 9.25 7.40 6.165 34.0
ASF18 18.25 7.40 6.165 68.0
ASF27 27.25 7.40 6.165 102.0

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