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Tramp Metal Technical Data Sheets

TG-00TG-00 - Tramp Metal Tech Directory
TG-01ATG-01A - Plate Style Magnetic Separators and Hump Magnets
TG-01BTG-01B - Hump Magnets (Plate-In-Chute)
TG-01CTG-01C - Extractor Magnets
TG-01DTG-01D - Split-Flow Magnets
TG-01QTG-01Q - High Volume Separators RFQ Form
TG-03ATG-03A - Magnetic Tubes & Grates
TG-03BTG-03B - Drawer-In-Housings Magnets
TG-03CTG-03C - Ox™ Drawer-In-Housing
TG-03DTG-03D - LTH™ Large Tube Housing
TG-03ETG-03E - RotoDrawer™ Rotary Grate Style Drawer-In-Housing
TG-03FTG-03F - Round Drawer-In-Housings Magnets
TG-03GTG-03G - SLIM™ Spout Line Inspection Magnets
TG-03HTG-03H - Mid-Tube Drawer-In-Housing
TG-03HTG-03H - MTH™ Mid Tube Housing
TG-03QTG-03Q - Drawer-In-Housing RFQ Form
TG-05ATG-05A - Pipe Magnets
TG-06ATG-06A - Bullet Magnet
TG-06BTG-06B - Exposed Pole Tube
TG-06CTG-06C - Pneumatic Line Housing
TG-06DTG-06D - 4JIT Pneumatic Magnets
TG-09ATG-09A - Liquid Line T-Trap Magnets
TG-10ATG-10A - Drum Separators
TG-11ATG-11A - Magnetic Separation Pulleys
TG-12ATG-12A - Manual Clean Suspended Overhead Permanent Magnets
TG-12BTG-12B - SelfClean Suspended Overhead Permanent Magnets
TG-12CTG-12C - Suspended Overhead Electromagnets
TG-12QTG-12Q - Suspended Overhead Magnets RFQ Form
TG-13ATG-13A - Eddy Current Separators
TG-PFTG-PF - Surface Finish and Weld Finish Descriptions