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Magnetic Solutions By Industry

You will find hundreds of Industrial Magnetics, Incís off the shelf magnetic products used in industries hundreds of products used various industries. However, it is our ability to design and manufacturer custom magnetic solutions for your specific situation in any industry.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. provides solutions that help improve productivity, purify products, protect processing equipment, increase profits and create a safer and more ergonomic manufacturing process.

Popular Industries Served


We provide magnetic products such as Lift Magnet and Magnetic Welding Supplies that assist with many fabrication and assembling processes.


We provide an extensive product selection for Automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 and Teir 2 Suppliers which includes magnetic manufacturing solutions to magnetic End-Of-Arm tooling for assembly lines.


We excel at providing unique magnetic conveying solutions that solve some of the most difficult conveying applications in the industry.


Ideal magnets for stacking/destacking, material handling, press to press transfer systems and scrap removal. Our product line includes lift magnets for end-of-arm tooling, sheet fanners, conveying systems and more.


Save yourself time and money by checking out our selection of magnetic welding tools that are designed and manufactured to improve your productivity and quality of work.


Increase your operations productivity by utilizing our industry leading metal separation magnets and eddy current separators.


Purify you petrochemicals with magnetic separators designed and manufactured to your unique process requirement.

Food, Feed And Grain

We offer magnetic separation solutions to cover every process in the food, feed and grain industry.

Mining And Aggregate

The mining and aggregate industry is a heavy duty industry that requires heavy duty magnetic separators and we have you covered.